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Posted On April 30, 2023 By Louis

Best Restaurants in Messina

Messina has numerous outstanding dining choices, with traditional Sicilian dishes with an Italian twist due to being in the northeastern region of Sicily so close to the mainland. Additionally, there are Michelin-nominated restaurants in the area, highlighting Italy's reputation as a culinary leader. Italy has been awarded over 370 Michelin stars, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts looking for world-class dining experiences.

How we select the best restaurants in Messina

When selecting the best restaurants in Messina, we seek out establishments that honor the city's rich culinary heritage and embrace the bounty of the surrounding seas. Exceptional reviews from food critics and passionate locals guide our choices, highlighting impeccable service, fresh and vibrant flavors, and an inviting ambiance steeped in Sicilian warmth.

We favour eateries nestled within historic buildings or those offering alfresco dining with breathtaking views of the iconic Duomo, charming piazzas, or the shimmering Strait of Messina. Particular emphasis is placed on restaurants that masterfully showcase locally sourced seafood and produce while putting a contemporary spin on traditional regional dishes. Our curated selection aims to provide an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of Messina's unique gastronomy and coastal culture.

Michelin Awarded Restaurants in Messina

There are 6 Michelin awarded restaurants in and around Messina town. Since 1936 Michelin has been inspecting and awarding restaurants with up to 3 stars for the top restaurants in the world 0, 1, 2, or 3. The ROI of a business can greatly range from its undercover inspection. One star means "A very good restaurant in its category". Two stars "Excellent cooking, worth a detour". Three stars mean "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey". Here are some of the most exceptional restaurants in Messina according to Michelin:

Ristorante Marina del Nettuno

Ristorante Marina del Nettuno is led by Pasquale Caliri from the school of Gualtiero Marchesi and is on the Yachting club Messina Jetty. The creative menu is based on fish they buy from the fishing boats, pasta, bread, and desserts all "homemade" using ancient grains and excellent raw materials from the local farmers & producers. Due to this the menu can change with the seasons. Closed on Mondays. See the Ristorante Marina del Nettuno Menu.

Address: Viale della Libertà-Batteria Masotto, Messina, 98121, Italy


Sacha is a Mediterranean and seafood-inspired cuisine led by the young Chef Sacha. All ingredients are sourced locally in Sicily and the elegant venue has a chef's table for up to 4 by the open plan kitchen that allows most to see the preparation of the experience. They also pair with an extensive wine list from the small wineries around the region. Open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner (closed on Fridays).

Address: Via Nicola Fabrizi 15, Messina, 98123, Italy


Above the town centre of Torregrotta is Modì, a contemporary Sicilian restaurant run by Chef Giuseppe Geraci & Alessandra Quattrocchi. Giuseppe was born in Torregrotta and started life out as an assistant cook until he took the plunge with his now partner Alessandra in October 2011 and opened Modi. The dishes are traditional Sicilian but made with precision and a modern twist plus during summer can be served on a panoramic terrace. Closed on Mondays. See the Modi Menu.

Address: Via Bucceri incrocio via Mezzasalma, Torregrotta, 98050, Italy

Fine Dining Restaurants in Messina

Messina offers a diverse selection of premium restaurants that cater to food connoisseurs looking to indulge in the city's culinary pleasures. The following are some of the most exceptional fine dining establishments to experience:

Casa & Putia Ristorante

Casa & Putia Ristorante is a small and cosy venue with a local menu that is chosen according to the season. They are a group of friends sharing Sicily through quality food, with the Chef drawing on learnings from their mothers and those that rule before them like the Greeks, Normans Arabs & so on. The food may seem untraditional however actually they are the result of long research from history. Casa & Putia also sell their own produce for those looking for some ingredients to take back home. Open 6 days a week (closed on Monday). See the Casa & Putia Ristorante Menu.

Address: Via San Camillo 14, 98122 Messina (ME)


Kajiki is a classy Japanese fusion restaurant in the heart of Messina. Opened in 2010 the venue has many welcoming rooms or choose to book a private area. They feature many fish dishes including sashimi, uramaki, and tiger rolls and have an extensive wine list of 500 labels to accompany your meal. Closed on Monday and also have another location a few km away during the summer so make sure to check. See the Kajiki Menu.

Address: Via XXVII Luglio, 112, 98123 Messina ME, Italy

Bellavista Ristorante

Bellavista Ristorante has an incredible view overlooking the Strait of Messina. The kitchen has Chef Giovanni at the helm who amazes his guests with traditional Sicilian dishes mixed with the innovation of nouvelle cuisine. The team believe that "the kitchen should be an expression of the culture, history and beauties of a place, therefore with great attention and respect for tradition we revisit typical recipes in a contemporary key to give you a unique food experience type". Best of all they are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Address: Via Circuito SN - Torre Faro - 98164 Messina (ME) Italy

Large Prawns in Spaghetti Messina

Traditional & Local Restaurants in Messina

When it comes to dining in Messina, nothing quite matches the authenticity of a traditional meal served at a local eatery. This is an ideal way to spend quality time with family or for a night out, away from the usual tourist spots. However, it's advisable to check their operating hours before visiting. Here are some of my personal favourites:

'A Cucchiara

'A Cucchiara is your classic Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Messina town born with passion from the owner Peppe. Guests love the excellent service with a menu that reworks traditional dishes with a modern element served with only the finest local ingredients. Very well known for its fish dishes. Open 6 days a week and closed on Sunday.

Address: Strada S. Giacomo, 19, 98122 Messina ME, Italy

I Ruggeri

I Ruggeri led by Chef Ambra Gigante serves Mediterranean cuisine with tradition and experimentation. The centrally located venue opened in 2009 and is cosy & intimate making you feel at home. Chef Ambra works with many local producers in Sicily to produce seasonal meat & fish dishes. Open 7 days a week. See the I Ruggeri Menu.

Address: Via Pozzo Leone, 23, 98122 Messina ME, Italy

Amici Miei

Amici Miei... Ristoria is located on a corner of Messina Central with tables inside and out. The staff and owner Arturo are super friendly and cook traditional Sicilian dishes. Some favourites are the fresh fish appetiser and the pasta. Make sure to try and book as it's quite a small venue. Open 6 days a week (closed on Monday).

Address: Via Cesare Battisti, 124, 98123 Messina ME, Italy

Dessert Places in Messina

Messina is home to some incredible desserts. If you have a sweet tooth or fancy a post-dinner walk or are simply seeking a delightful treat during your luxury Italian holiday, it's advisable to confirm the opening hours of dessert establishments ahead of time, as they may have early closures or specific off days based on the season. Here are some destinations in Messina for satisfying your dessert cravings:

Pasticceria Sacca

Pasticceria Saccà is a typical Sicilian pastry shop in Messina run by Consuelo that welcomes you with a big smile. Tradition and experimentation in the Sacca lab create wonderful desserts. Some favourites are the ricotta cannoli & the artisan cakes. Enjoy with a hot coffee. Open 7 days a week.

Address: cpl Arco Antico, Viale Giostra, 98152 Messina ME, Italy

Bar De Luca

Bar De Luca was established in 1940 and is a Gelateria & Cafeteria family run by Luca & his son Pietro. You can enjoy homemade ice creams, ice cream cakes and typical specialities, such as the Sette Veli cake and Sicilian granitas. Open 6 days a week early until late (closed on Monday).

Address: Via Nazionale, 208, 98051 Briga Marina ME, Italy

La Dolceria

La Dolceria - I migliori cannoli translating to "the best cannoli" is in the centre of Messina city with a beautiful window display. They have all kinds of traditional Sicilian treats and are open from Tuesday - Sunday. They have fresh ricotta or pistachio cannoli, gelato, biscuits, cakes, and more. You will find a treat for everyone. Not much room inside but a couple of tables outside. It is also close to accommodation in Messina so you can pop out if you're feeling peckish.

Address: Via Cesare Battisti, 55, 98122 Messina ME, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants in Messina

What are the best restaurants in Messina?

The top restaurants in Messina are Ristorante Marina del Nettuno, Sacha, and Casa & Putia Ristorante.

What are the most affordable restaurants in Messina?

'A Cucchiara and Amici Miei are the top restaurants that have a superb menu at a good price.

What are the most popular restaurants in Messina?

Bellavista Ristorante and Casa & Putia Ristorante are the most popular restaurants in Messina.

What are the best restaurants in Messina for families?

If you are dining as a family Modì and I Ruggeri are the top restaurants in Messina.

What are the best restaurants in Messina for couples?

If you are traveling as a couple you will love Ristorante Marina del Nettuno, Sacha, and Modì.

What are the best restaurants in Messina with a view?

Modì is the top restaurant with amazing views.

What are the best restaurants in Messina for traditional Sicilian cuisine?

If you are looking for local cuisine in Messina be sure to visit Amici Miei, 'A Cucchiara, and I Ruggeri.

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