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Posted On June 19, 2023 By Louis

Best Restaurants in Trapani Sicily

Trapani, a city on the western coast of Sicily, is home to a wide range of fantastic seafood and fish restaurants. Some of these restaurants have even been nominated or reviewed by Michelin, which is a prestigious culinary guide. A few kilometres away from Trapani, in the town of San Vito Lo Capo, is where you can find the annual Cous Cous festival. The area of Trapani is known for its seafood cous cous, so if you're a fan of this dish, be sure to make a trip to the town in September.

How we select the best restaurants in Trapani

When curating the best restaurants in Trapani, we seek out establishments that truly capture the essence of this coastal Sicilian city's rich culinary traditions. Exceptional reviews from food critics and enthusiastic locals guide our selections, highlighting warm hospitality, vibrant flavours, and inviting ambiances that transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean.

We favour eateries offering alfresco dining with breathtaking views of the historic seaside or the iconic salt flats. Particular emphasis is placed on restaurants that showcase the freshest locally caught seafood, as well as those celebrating the region's agricultural bounty through traditional Sicilian dishes infused with a distinct coastal flair. Our curated choices aim to provide an unforgettable dining experience that encapsulates the unique gastronomy and maritime spirit of Trapani.

Michelin Nominated Restaurants in Trapani

Trapani is home to four Michelin reviewed restaurants, which are among the best in the world. The Michelin Guide has been awarding stars to restaurants since 1936, and a star can mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

One star means that the restaurant is "a very good restaurant in its category."

Two stars means that the restaurant offers "excellent cooking, worth a detour."

Three stars means that the restaurant offers "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey."

If you are planning a trip to Trapani, be sure to check out these Michelin-starred restaurants:

Osteria il Moro

On the main street of Trapani is Osteria il Moro a traditional Sicilian restaurant founded in 2016. Chef Nicola Bandi and brother Enzo Bandi reinterpret Trapanese local recipes with an innovative twist. There restaurant has 35 seats inside and 30 al fresco and I recommend enjoying the outside during the hot seasons. Osteria Il Moro is 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. See the Osteria il Moro Menu.

Address: via Giuseppe Garibaldi 86, Trapani, 91100, Italy

Serisso 47

Set in a warm palace with dining under a limestone vaulted ceiling is Serisso 47. Chef Gaetano Basirico is a self-described "researcher and taster of gastronomic delicacies." He uses his passion for food to create innovative dishes that combine traditional Sicilian flavours with a modern twist. Serisso 47 is open 6 days a week for dinner, closed on Mondays. The menu changes seasonally to reflect the freshest ingredients available. Check out the specials when dining. See the Serisso 47 Menu.

Address: via Serisso 47/49, Trapani, 91100, Italy

Gna' Sara

Gna' Sara is a charming, family-run restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo that has been delighting customers with its traditional Sicilian cuisine since 1993. The restaurant is owned and operated by Giuseppe and Katia, who have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy a variety of dishes. What sets Gna' Sara apart is its unique policy of not accepting reservations. The restaurant operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is advisable to arrive early, especially during peak times. However, the wait is usually worth it, as the food at Gna' Sara is some of the best in San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani. See the Gna' Sara Menu.

Address: Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 8, 91010 San Vito Lo Capo TP, Italy.

Here are some tips for booking a Michelin-starred restaurant:

  • Book as early as possible, especially for weekends and holidays.
  • Be prepared to pay a premium for the food and service.
  • Dress appropriately. Most Michelin-starred restaurants have a dress code.
  • Be prepared to wait for your table. Michelin-starred restaurants are often busy, so you may have to wait for a table.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Trapani

The fine dining scene in Trapani is vibrant and exciting. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from, each offering its own unique take on Sicilian cuisine. Here are a few of the top-rated fine-dining restaurants in Trapani:

Ristorante Ci Vulia

Ristorante Ci Vulia is a beautiful seafood restaurant in Sicily open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Chef Agliano Isidoro creates mastered classic dishes for all guests that are easy on the eye and are a foodie blogger heaven. There is lots of fish on the menu and a classic cous cous alla trapanese. Ristorante Ci Vulia is also close to many hotels in Trapani. The couscous is so large it can feed two!

Address: Via Giudecca, 78, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Locanda Dei Poeti

Locanda Dei Poeti is vegan restaurant in Trapani. Their menu comes mainly from organic farming and local products. The chef creates delicious sustainable dishes for its guests. Great for sharing dishes in a group and reasonable prices. As the venue is small it is great for a relaxing dinner without too much noise and can also be used for private events. Locanda Dei Poeti is open Monday - Saturday for dinner till late. See the Locanda Dei Poeti Menu.

Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 52, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Profumi del Cous Cous

Profumi del Cous Cous, is a restaurant in San Vito lo Capo that is owned by Matteo and Vito. The restaurant is located in a courtyard surrounded by fragrant citrus trees, creating a delightful ambience. The interior of the restaurant is charming, with a fusion of Arab and Mediterranean influences. The menu is a blend of traditional and innovative dishes, with couscous being the star attraction. However, they also offer a selection of seafood options and an extensive wine list. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Address: Via Regina Margherita 80, San Vito lo Capo, 91010, Italy

Prosciutto & Bread Balsamic fine dining restaurant Trapani

Traditional & Local Restaurants in Trapani

After a long day of exploring on your Sicilian holiday, there's nothing quite like winding down at a charming local restaurant with family. These restaurants offer a more casual atmosphere than the tourist traps, and they often serve up traditional dishes that you won't find anywhere else. Be sure to check the opening and closing hours in advance, as they may vary, especially during the off-season. Here are my top traditional Trapani restaurants:

Gli Archi di San Carlo

Just outside the city in the ancient village of Erice is Gli Archi di San Carlo. The inside has a medieval & homely family feel and the outside area is set on an old stone-paved courtyard. This venue is known for fresh fish dishes, cous cous, and busiate pasta with Trapanese pesto. Gli Archi di San Carlo is open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner and closed on Wednesdays. See the Gli Archi di San Carlo Menu.

Address: Via S. Carlo, 10, 91016 Erice TP, Italy

Al Vicoletti Ristorantino Tipico

Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico is in the centre of Trapani city and is a great place to go for Mediterranean seafood and pasta. The restaurant is set in a classic dining room with a beautiful vaulted ceiling. Seating inside our outside is available. The octopus with burrata and turnip greens or busiate with pistachio pesto and red shrimp is some of the best dishes on the menu however they have many great others. Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico is open for dinner Monday - Saturday. It is also near many things to do in Trapani.

Address: Via Biscottai, 6, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Trattoria da Salvatore

Open for Lunch or dinner till late is Trattoria da Salvatore. The Patti brothers, Roberto & Alexander lead this traditional elegant restaurant and have many years of experience as has been through three generations. My favourite dishes are the fish caponata with squid ink panella & calamarata with pistachio pesto. Closed on Wednesdays. See the Trattoria da Salvatore Menu.

Address: Via Nunzio Nasi, 21, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Dessert Places in Trapani

If you're looking for a sweet treat to end your meal in Trapani or just feel like a snack whilst on holiday, here are my top picks in the area:

Efri Bar

Looking for an incredible Cannoli stuffed full of fresh ricotta? Then Efri bar is the place to go. The bar Is open at 5.30 in the morning so great for breakfast and open 7 days a week till 8.30 pm. There are plenty of other treats like brioches, almond granita & croissants plus some gluten-free options. Enjoy with a nice coffee.

Address: Via Conte Agostino Pepoli, 166, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Pasticceria La Rinascente

Pasticceria La Rinascente is an old-fashioned pastry shop in the centre of the City so conveniently located. Open 6 days a week and closed on Wednesdays. The staff are polite and each dessert is made fresh on the day and cannoli are filled when you order. The items are classic and traditional and some days you can smell the almonds streets away so might not even need a map to get there.

Address: Via Gatti, 3, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Gelataria Meno Tredici

Near the port is Gelateria Meno Tredici. Open till 11.30 pm every night this is perfect for a treat after dinner or on a hot summer's day. Their signature ice cream flavours are pistachio and the local profumo di Sicilia. Gelateria Meno Tredici is a must-visit.

Address: Via Ammiraglio Staiti, 61, 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants in Trapani

What are the best restaurants in Trapani?

The top restaurants in Trapani are Osteria il Moro, Serisso 47, and Gna' Sara.

What are the most affordable restaurants in Trapani?

Trattoria da Salvatore and Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico are the top restaurants that have a superb menu at a good price.

What are the most popular restaurants in Trapani?

Trattoria da Salvatore, Osteria il Moro, Ristorante Ci Vulia are the most popular restaurants in Trapani.

What are the top vegan restaurants in Trapani?

Locanda Dei Poeti is the best vegan restaurant in the area.

What are the best restaurants in Trapani for families?

If you are dining as a family Trattoria da Salvatore and Ristorante Ci Vulia are the top restaurants in Trapani.

What are the best restaurants in Trapani for couples?

If you are traveling as a couple you will love Trattoria da Salvatore, Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico, and Serisso 47.

What are the best restaurants in Trapani with a great ambience?

Gli Archi di San Carlo, Osteria il Moro, and Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico are the top restaurants with a great atmosphere.

What are the best restaurants in Trapani for traditional Sicilian cuisine?

If you are looking for local cuisine in Trapani be sure to visit Trattoria da Salvatore, Gli Archi di San Carlo, and Al Vicoletto Ristorantino Tipico.

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