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Posted On March 20, 2024 By Louis

The Best Hotels in Lecce

Lecce, the jewel of Puglia, captivates visitors with its breathtaking baroque architecture and rich history. Immerse yourself in this enchanting city by choosing the perfect accommodations that capture its unique elegance and allure. This guide showcases the best hotels in Lecce, carefully curated to provide an unforgettable experience steeped in local charm.

From meticulously restored historic gems to modern sanctuaries, these exceptional properties offer impeccable service, elegant accommodations, and a true taste of Lecce's baroque splendor. Discover the perfect base for your stay as you explore the city's winding streets, ornate churches, and magnificent palazzi that transport you through centuries of fascinating heritage.

How we select the best hotels in Lecce

When selecting the best hotels in Lecce, we prioritize properties that immerse guests in the city's rich historic charm. Exceptional reviews praising impeccable service, elegant accommodations, and thoughtful amenities guide our choices. We favour hotels housed within meticulously restored palazzi or convents, seamlessly blending centuries of architectural heritage with modern comforts.

Particular emphasis is placed on accommodations offering breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the Basilica di Santa Croce or charming piazzas brimming with local life. Our curated selection aims to provide an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the essence of Lecce's unique culture, allowing travelers to truly immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of this Baroque jewel in Puglia.

The areas to stay in Lecce

Lecce is a beautiful city in the Puglia region of southern Italy, known for its baroque architecture and lively atmosphere. Here are some of the most popular areas to stay in Lecce, including information on hotels in Lecce and luxury hotels in Lecce:

Centro Storico (Historic Center)

This is the heart of Lecce and where you'll find most of the city's iconic buildings and attractions, such as the Piazza del Duomo, the Roman Amphitheater, and the Basilica di Santa Croce. Staying in this area puts you within walking distance of many restaurants, shops, and sights. There are several luxury hotels in Lecce located in the historic centre, offering elegant accommodations in renovated historic buildings.

Porta Napoli

Just south of the historic centre, Porta Napoli is a vibrant neighbourhood with a mix of residential areas and lively streets lined with bars, cafes, and shops. It's a great option for those who want to be close to the action but in a slightly quieter area. You'll find a range of hotels in Lecce in this neighbourhood, from budget-friendly options to more upscale properties.

Porta Rudiae

This area is located north of the historic centre and is known for its charming narrow streets and smaller piazzas. It's a bit more residential but still has a good selection of accommodation options, including some smaller boutique hotels in Lecce, and is within walking distance of the main sights.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

This popular corso (street) runs through the centre of Lecce and is lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Staying near here puts you close to the action and is a convenient location. Several hotels in Lecce, ranging from budget to luxury, can be found along or near this street.

Zona Umbertina

This area, just west of the historic centre, is a bit more modern but still has easy access to the city's attractions. It's a good option if you're looking for more affordable accommodation options among the hotels in Lecce.

    No matter where you stay in Lecce, you'll be able to easily explore the city's charming streets, baroque architecture, and lively piazzas on foot or by taking advantage of the city's public transportation.

    Luxury Lecce Hotels

    Luxury hotels in Lecce offer a truly indulgent escape into the city's baroque opulence. These exquisite properties, often housed within meticulously restored historic palazzi or convents, seamlessly blend centuries of architectural grandeur with modern, lavish comforts. From impeccable service to elegantly appointed accommodations and thoughtful amenities, every detail is curated to provide an unforgettable experience of refined luxury.

    Many boast breathtaking views of Lecce's iconic landmarks or charming piazzas, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city's captivating beauty. Prepare to be enveloped in the splendour of baroque elegance while savouring the epitome of Italian hospitality at the luxury hotel in Lecce.

    Patria Palace Hotel Lecce

    Patria Palace Hotel room with ensuite bathroom

    The 5-star Patria Palace Hotel Lecce is the best luxury hotel in Lecce. It was founded as a noble residence and is now a top hotel set in an 18th-century palace.

    Rooms at the palace range from large comfort rooms to suites that may feature an outdoor hot tub. They use quality bedding and also include aircon, free wifi plus a safe.

    Staff at the Patria Palace Hotel are very friendly and can help organise, bike rentals, car parking as-well as car rentals. Make sure to visit their rooftop bar and take in the beautiful views at sunset.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Patria Palace Hotel Lecce.

    Palazzo Sant'Anna Lecce

    Palazzo Sant'Anna Lecce hotel room

    Palazzo Sant'Anna Lecce is another one of my favourite luxury hotels in Lecce list with a spa recently revitalised in 2023 in Lecce centre.

    They have an indoor pool, a manager's daily welcome, terrace and the spa at the hotel has many treatments for all. The staff are friendly and can organise babysitting services.

    The rooms have kept their historic palace charm and have heated floors. You will have access to a pillow selection, and the rooms include aircon a large safes for valuables.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Palazzo Sant'Anna Lecce.

    Masseria Francescani

    Masseria Francescani pool with sun beds

    Just outside of the city closer to the ocean you will find one of the most magic hotels in Lecce, the 4-star Masseria Francescani.

    Here in the quiet Salento countryside lies a luxury hotel that was once a fortified farmhouse. With lots of history and original architecture this truly a unique place to stay.

    The rooms are all renovated and start at doubles and go up to presidential suites. They include aircon, free wifi, breakfast and parking.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Masseria Francescani.

    Top Boutique Hotels in Lecce

    Lecce's boutique hotels offer an intimate and truly unique experience, immersing you in the city's baroque elegance. These charming properties, often housed within lovingly restored historic buildings, exude a distinctive character and charm. From personalized service to stylish and inviting accommodations, every detail celebrates Lecce's rich heritage with a contemporary flair.

    Many boast prime locations steps away from iconic landmarks or lively piazzas, allowing you to easily explore the city's mesmerising beauty. Prepare to embrace the warm hospitality and attention to detail that define Lecce's exceptional boutique hotels, providing an unforgettable stay steeped in local culture and individuality.

    La Fiermontina | Luxury Home

    La Fiermontina hotel room

    La Fiermontina has just 16 rooms and 3 luxury suites. It is one of the best boutique hotels in Lecce.

    They are an amazing hotel to unwind in with a pool under the shade of an olive grove or practice yoga in the garden.

    La Fiermontina has the most incredible bedrooms, that include aircon, wifi and luxury bedding. They also have free parking included which can save you money on your holiday.

    Find out more information and check the prices for La Fiermontina | Luxury Home.

    Pollicastro Boutique Hotel

    Pollicastro Boutique Hotel unique suite

    One of the top unique boutique hotels in Lecce is the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel. This was a 16th-century palace that once went into disrepair and underwent extensive repair.

    The architecture inside is fantastic and the rooms are unique. The Octagonal suite is my favourite. They include air conditioning and free wifi.

    On the top of the building, they have a rooftop garden which is perfect for enjoying the views and relaxing. The staff at Pollicastro Boutique Hotel are very attentive and can help book local tours, shuttle services, and valet parking.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Pollicastro Boutique Hotel.

    Torre del Parco

    Torre del Parco hotel room with a hot tub

    Torre del Parco is a 4-star hotel in Lecce that was originally built in 1419 and set in a Convent.

    They have a stunning garden area as-well as a rooftop terrace. The hotel also features spa services and a bar onsite.

    Torre del Parco has only 9 luxury rooms all with beautiful interiors. I like the deluxe double with the hot tub, however, there are more to choose from. aircon and wifi come as standard.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Torre del Parco.

    Family-Friendly Hotels in Lecce

    For families seeking an immersive experience in Lecce's baroque splendor, the city's family-friendly hotels offer the perfect home base. These thoughtfully designed accommodations prioritize comfort and convenience for travelers of all ages. From spacious rooms and family suites to amenities like pools and play areas, every detail is curated to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay.

    Many family-friendly hotels in Lecce are ideally located within walking distance of Lecce's iconic landmarks and piazzas, allowing you to easily explore the city's captivating sights together. With warm hospitality and attentive service, these hotels provide a welcoming oasis where cherished family memories can be created amidst the enchanting surroundings of this baroque gem in Puglia.

    Risorgimento Resort

    Risorgimento Resort hotel room one of the best family hotels in Lecce

    Built in the 18th century is Risorgimento Resort a luxury family hotel in Lecce. This 5-star hotel is right in the city centre a 2-minute walk away from the Roman amphitheatre.

    They have 46 rooms, that range from deluxe doubles, triples, and suites. Cribs are available, rollaway beds and babysitting services for an extra charge.

    The Risorgimento Resort also has an affiliation with a beach club that overlooks Salento and you can get a private transfer. onsite they also have a spa that has popular treatments such as hot stone massages and body wraps.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Risorgimento Resort.

    Hilton Garden Inn Lecce

    Hilton Garden Inn Lecce rooftop pool

    One of the next top hotels in Lecce for families is the 4-star Hilton Garden Inn Lecce.

    The hotel features an outdoor pool with sun beds and also a full-service spa to relax at. I particularly like the rooftop terrace and Cube restaurant and bar.

    Rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn are large and have a selection of family rooms, twin bedrooms and also suites. The staff can organise babysitting services for an additional fee.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Hilton Garden Inn Lecce.

    Chiostro dei Domenicani

    Chiostro dei Domenicani hotel room in lecce

    Looking for somewhere unique to stay with the family book at the Chiostro dei Domenicani. This is a 4-star hotel from the 15th century with Doric capitals, a chapel and frescoes.

    For the family, they have an outdoor pool with loungers, a kid pool, breakfast for all the family and laundry services.

    The rooms at Chiostro dei Domenicani range from doubles going up to quadruples. Breakfast is free and includes aircon and complimentary wifi.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Chiostro dei Domenicani.

    Budget-Friendly Hotels in Lecce

    For travelers exploring Lecce's baroque wonders on a budget, the city's affordable hotels in Lecce offer exceptional value. These budget-friendly accommodations provide comfortable lodging and essential amenities at reasonable prices, allowing you to experience the city's rich history and culture without breaking the bank.

    From conveniently located hotels near iconic attractions to charming properties that capture Lecce's local character, the options are plentiful. Many budget hotels in Lecce offer clean, modern rooms, friendly service, and a prime base for your sightseeing adventures. Whether you're planning a short city break or an extended stay, these wallet-friendly hotels ensure an enjoyable and memorable visit to this captivating baroque gem in Puglia.

    Le Club Boutique Hotel

    Le Club Boutique Hotel room

    One of the best hotels in Lecce for value is the Le Club Boutique Hotel. This a 4-star boutique palace built in the 13th century.

    They have just 13 rooms so book quickly, and they range from singles to executive rooms. They include aircon and wifi and have smart features.

    The staff are very helpful and can arrange transfers from Brindisi airport. For views, you can go up to the rooftop and I highly recommend the funky bar they have for a cocktail.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Le Club Boutique Hotel.

    Suite Hotel Santa Chiara

    Suite Hotel Santa Chiara large family room

    Suite Hotel Santa Chiara is a 4-star hotel in Lecce town centre just 100 metres from the cathedral.

    The hotel has just 21 rooms and they range from double to large family rooms. They include aircon and free wifi.

    Suite Hotel Santa Chiara also has a roof garden with 360 reviews on the town. This also includes a rooftop bar so perfect for an afternoon cocktail on your holiday.

    Find out more information and check the prices for Suite Hotel Santa Chiara.


    8Piuhotel room with bed and aircon

    Close to the Lecce obelisk is the highly rated 4 star 8Piuhotel. This is a contemporary hotel with an onsite gym and restaurant.

    Rooms at the hotel are all include air conditioning and free wifi. They have pillow menus which is a personal favourite and go up to suites in size and luxury.

    At 8Piuhotel you will be able to park your car for free, plus they also have disabled access in some of the rooms.

    Find out more information and check the prices for 8Piuhotel.

    Hotels in Lecce City Centre

    Lecce's historic centre is ideal for staying. Many hotels are in renovated historic buildings. They blend modern amenities with old-world charm. Lively cafes, restaurants, and shops line winding alleys. The pedestrian-friendly streets put treasures at your doorstep. However, parking can be challenging in this area. Immerse yourself in rich culture by staying centrally. Check out our recommendations below.

    Grand Hotel di Lecce

    Grand Hotel di Lecce, one of the best hotels in Lecce Italu city centre

    The Grand Hotel Lecce is a refined, elegant building featuring Art Nouveau stained glass and crystal chandeliers throughout. Its striking wrought iron cantilever roof adds character. Convenient private parking is available for guests.

    The spacious rooms and suites are immaculately clean. A rich breakfast buffet is served daily with sweet and savoury options. Guests can enjoy it in the elegant breakfast room with a fireplace or the garden in summer.

    The centrally located rooms are Art Nouveau furnished. Choose from single, double or triple occupancy. All rooms have amenities like air conditioning, internet, TV, safe, and telephone. The hotel boasts 53 rooms and 5 fantastic suites. This is one of my favourite 4-star hotels in Lecce Italy.

    Check out the prices and availability for The Grand Hotel Lecce.

    Grand Hotel Tiziano

    Grand Hotel Tiziano room

    One of the top hotels in Lecce, the Grand Hotel Tiziano blends excellent services with Lecce's baroque Salento wonders. The wellness centre offers rejuvenating rituals.

    The Michelangelo Restaurant, with star-vaulted ceilings, serves national cuisine. Accommodations include classic rooms, superior rooms, and executive suites.

    Complimentary parking is provided. The hotel arranges excursions (charges apply) and offers beach club discounts. Guests get local food/craft/art suggestions and discounts. Nearby Belloluogo Park allows leisurely nature strolls.

    Check out the prices & availability.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Lecce

    What are the best luxury hotels in Lecce Italy?

    The most luxurious hotels in Lecce are Patria Palace Hotel Lecce and the Palazzo Sant'Anna Lecce.

    What are the most affordable hotels in Lecce?

    The best hotels for value in Lecce are 8Piuhotel, Suite Hotel Santa Chiara, and Le Club Boutique Hotel

    What are the best hotels for families?

    Lecce hotels Risorgimento Resort, Hilton Garden Inn Lecce and Chiostro dei Domenicani are the best properties designed for families with a range of ammenities.

    What are the best boutique Lecce hotels?

    For couples, the best hotels in Lecce are La Fiermontina, Pollicastro Boutique Hotel, and Torre del Parco.

    Tips for Booking Hotels in Lecce

    • Read Lecce reviews online to get a feel for the hotel's facilities, how close it is to things you want to see, and the overall vibe.
    • Book in advance, especially during peak season (when lots of tourists visit). Popular hotels in Lecce fill up fast!
    • Traveling with family? Look for hotels with kid-friendly amenities.
    • On a budget? Find a Lecce hotel with good rates.

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