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Posted On April 7, 2023 By Louis

Where to stay in Catania

When considering where to stay in Catania, your decision can be significantly influenced by your preferences, whether it's for a beachfront experience, proximity to the city centre, or even Mount Etna. Here are some carefully curated recommendations for accommodations in Catania, each offering a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and the distinct charm of this Sicilian city.

How we choose where to stay in Catania

When choosing accommodations in the vibrant city of Catania, our top priority is finding hotels that offer a prime location near iconic attractions such as the majestic Cattedrale di Sant'Agata, the historic Piazza del Duomo, and the lively Via Etnea. Exceptional guest reviews highlighting stylish decor, impeccable service, top-notch amenities, and outstanding dining options that showcase traditional Sicilian cuisine are crucial factors in our selection process.

We favour properties that seamlessly blend Catania's rich architectural heritage with modern luxuries and contemporary design, whether they are meticulously restored historic buildings or chic boutique hotels. Accommodations boasting breathtaking views of the iconic Mount Etna or the charming cityscape are highly desirable, as our curated choices aim to fully immerse guests in the unique sights, sounds, and flavours that define the authentic Catanese experience.

Oceanside Accommodation in Catania

If you are looking for a relaxed type of holiday then getting accommodation right next to the beach or other beaches is where you want to go. Some stays are right on the beach and have their own private beach or some are a short stroll away. There aren't that many hotels oceanside however villas and b & b's are very popular. Here are some of my favourite places to stay:

Hotel Plaza Catania

The Plaza Hotel Catania is a 4* designer hotel a 1-minute walk from Lido Cocoa Beach. Breakfast is overlooking the cliffs on the rooftop and all rooms come with air-con, wifi and satellite tv. The centre of town is 2km away. This is one of the best places to stay in Catania.

Find out more information and check the prices for Plaza Hotel Catania.

Plaza Hotel Catania new double room

Romano Palace Luxury Hotel

The Romano Palace Luxury Hotel is a 5* beachfront hotel. It sits alongside the sandy playa of Catania. The venue is also known for its large swimming pool and 104 rooms that all have a mixture of mosaic & gemstone bathrooms. Central Catania is just 2.5km from the hotel.

Find out more information and check the prices for Romano Palace Luxury Hotel.

Romano Palace Hotel Catania modern suite

NH Catania Parco degli Aragonesi

The NH Catania Parco degli Aragonesi is a 4* hotel located on the Playa di Catania. It has its own private beach for guests and all rooms have a private balcony. Some have garden or sea views and all include free wifi and satellite tv.

Find out more information and check the prices for NH Catania Parco degli Aragonesi.

NH Catania Parco Hotel room

Accommodation in Catania Centre

If you're contemplating where to stay in Catania Sicily and desire to be part of the city's hustle and bustle, opting for the city centre is the perfect choice. This central location allows you to wake up amidst the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy breakfast nearby, be moments away from historic sites, and easily access neighbouring attractions. Some great accommodations in Catania centre are:

Duomo Suites & Spa

The Duomo Suites & Spa is a 4* four-storey hotel in the centre close to the Cathedral of Catania and the shopping area. The hotel was built in the 18th century and still holds its charm despite the renovations. Each room is different and is inspired by cult movies.

Find out more information and check the prices for Duomo Suites & Spa.

Duomo Suites and Spa rooftop terrace

Katane Palace Hotel

The Katane Palace Hotel, a well-loved 4-star classic establishment in Catania, offers various amenities. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast, access to wifi, and the convenience of a 24-hour reception. The multilingual staff is available to recommend excursions throughout Catania.

The hotel features a fantastic restaurant, a bar, and a sunny courtyard for morning breakfast. In the afternoon, guests can unwind in the shaded areas, relax, and partake in a game of chess. The renovated rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a safe for securing valuables.

Find out more information and check the prices for The Katane Palace Hotel.

Katane Palace Hotel in Catania courtyard

Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel is a 4* luxury early 20th-century villa in town, and could be your perfect answer to where to stay in Catania Sicily. All the rooms have stylish furniture, including a mosaic marble bathroom, and have free wifi plus air conditioning. The staff are multilingual that help and reception is open 24 hours. Breakfast is served in the outside garden, and also drinks in the evening.

Find out more information and check the prices for The Liberty Hotel.

Liberty Hotel Room in Catania

Bed & Breakfast in Catania

Bed and breakfasts in Catania are a popular and cost-effective option for accommodation. You don't get all the amenities of a hotel, but some of the B&Bs are super modern, traditional, and usually run by a small family that cooks incredible breakfasts as part of your stay, giving you an authentic experience on your Italian holiday. If you're wondering where to stay in Catania, these B&Bs provide an excellent choice, offering a personal and genuine touch to your stay in the city. Here are some great ones:

Anfiteatro Le Suites

Anfiteatro Le Suites is a premium bed and breakfast overlooking the Roman Amphitheater of Catania. The piazza duomo and fish market are a few minutes walk away.

The rooms are furnished and all have balconies with fantastic views of the city. Aircon and a safe for valuable come as standard. The B & B comes with free breakfast and parking nearby is available for your car.

Find out more information and check the prices for Anfiteatro Le Suites.

Anfiteatro bed and breakfast room in Catania

B&B Oriental Palace

B&B Oriental Palace is run by the wonderful Lucilla. This is a top rated bed and breakfast in the town centre. The rooms are very modern and have a range of options for groups. Rooms are soundproofed and include blackout draped. Free breakfast and wifi are included.

A nice touch are the chromotherapy in the bathrooms. They are smoke free venue, have a lift and can also help with airport shuttles. B&B Oriental Palace is also close to many of the top restaurants in Catania.

Find out more information and check the prices for B&B Oriental Palace.

B & B Oriental Palace double hotel room in catania

Plebis B&B

Plebis b&b is a luxury bed and breakfast 1km from the centre of Catania town. All the rooms have a private bathroom, air conditioning, and TV. Some rooms also have a terrace or balcony and all come with a complimentary continental, Italian or buffet breakfast in the morning. There is also private parking that helps instead of going on the street.

Find out more information and check the prices for Plebis b&b.

Plebis B&B Room with natural sunlight

Family-Friendly Accommodation in Catania

If you are planning a traditional Italian family holiday, there are a few things to consider when booking accommodation. You should look at distances to other areas and beaches, does the place have parking if you plan on travelling a lot, does it have a pool so the parents can relax whilst the kids are out or vice versa. Here are some of the best places to stay in Catania if traveling with a family:

Palace Catania

Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze, a 4-star family-friendly hotel situated in the city centre of Catania, offers a plethora of amenities. These include a rooftop garden providing scenic views of Mount Etna, two dining options, a gym, and a lounge bar.

The hotel features a diverse array of soundproofed rooms with premium bedding, complimentary wifi, and air conditioning, all showcasing a modern design influenced by Arab/Norman styles.

Where to stay in Catania Sicily, is a question easily answered by choosing Palace Catania. Highchairs, additional beds, and babysitting services are available throughout. Conveniently located, Palace Catania is in close proximity to all major attractions in the city.

Find out more information and check the prices for Palace Catania.

Palace Catania rooftop view of Catania city

Le Dune Sicily Hotel

Le Dune Sicily Hotel is a beautiful beachfront hotel with its own private beach on the Spiaggia della Plaia. They have a mixture of triple and family rooms plus include wifi aircon & laundry services. Around the hotel is an outside pool, solarium, and gardens with hammocks to relax in.

Guests can also use the gym and reading corner. The town is 2km away but can make use of the hotel's shuttle service.

Find out more information and check the prices for Le Dune Sicily Hotel.

Le Dune Hotel ariel view

B&B le 4 Leggende

B&B le 4 Leggende is a 4* family renovated bed and breakfast in the centre of Catania. Guests can access the rooftop jacuzzi with panoramic views. All rooms include free wifi, access to parking, aircon and a private bathroom. Breakfast is also included in the price.

Find out more information and check the prices for B&B le 4 Leggende.

Le 4 Leggende room with ensuite

If you are looking for more accommodation in Catania check out our other blog on the Top Hotels in Catania.

Tips for booking Accommodation in Catania

  • Before booking your accommodation, it's advisable to gather recommendations from fellow travelers or consult online reviews to help you pinpoint exactly where to stay in Catania. I would read at least 20 on each property
  • For a broader range of property options, make sure to secure your booking well in advance, preferably at least 6 months before your travel. Plan ahead and enjoy the best choices available!
  • Opt for bed and breakfast options that offer breakfast included in the price. Streamline your stay and kickstart your days on the right note!
  • When booking a rental car, make sure the property provides convenient and cost-effective parking options either nearby or on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of accommodation are available in Catania?

Catania offers a diverse range of accommodations, including luxurious 5-star hotels, family-friendly options, and bed and breakfasts.

Are there budget-friendly accommodation options in Catania?

You can view budget friendly accommodation in Catania above, we have a whole section on bed and breakfasts in Catania. If you are looking for more you can read our Top Hotels in Catania guide that also talks about the the popular budget hotels in the area.

How can I make a reservation for a hotel in Catania?

To make an accommodation reservation go on to the booking website, browse away and then find the venue that is best for you. To make it easer I have a compiled a list of the best accommodation and where to stay in Catania Sicily above.

Are there boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts in Catania?

There are many boutique hotels in Catania such as The Liberty Hotel and The Katane Palace Hotel. B & B's are B&B le 4 Leggende and Plebis b&b.

What amenities can I expect in accommodations in Catania?

The amenities available in accommodations vary depending on your location and preferences. If you choose a place near the ocean, a pool may not be included. Budget accommodations typically offer basic amenities. On the other hand, a 5-star hotel in Catania is likely to feature a bar, gym, pool, and numerous other facilities.

How far in advance should I book accommodation in Catania?

The most sought-after accommodations are often reserved up to a year ahead. It's advisable to make your reservation approximately a year in advance, especially before the new year, as prices tend to rise.

Where to stay in Catania Sicily with a family?

The favourite accommodations in Catania for families are Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze, Il Principe Hotel and Le Dune Sicily Hotel

What transportation options are available from accommodations to the airport or other attractions?

To get to thr airport or to nearby attractions you can take the bus, train, and taxi, all are easy to get. If you are flying in late or early usually most accommodation in Catania can organise a local taxi or private to pick you up. You can read more in our Catania travel guide.

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