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Posted On March 14, 2023 By Louis

Where to stay in Taormina

In Taormina, you'll find numerous fantastic areas and accommodations to choose from. However, your selection largely depends on your personal preferences and the reasons behind your decision to visit this vibrant town such as being close to the best restaurants in Taormina or having a traditional Italian holiday. Here are my recommendations for where to stay in Taormina.

How we choose where to stay in Taormina

When selecting accommodations in the picturesque town of Taormina, our primary focus is on hotels that offer breathtaking views of the iconic Greek Theatre, the rugged coastline, and the majestic Mount Etna. Guest reviews are closely scrutinized, with top priority given to properties praised for their excellent service, well-appointed rooms, and amenities that cater to both leisure and cultural travelers.

We love hotels that seamlessly blend Taormina's rich historical heritage with modern comforts, whether they are converted elegant villas, chic boutique hotels, or contemporary resorts infused with local architectural influences. Accommodations situated within the charming historic centre or along the scenic Corso Umberto are highly sought after, as our curated choices aim to provide an immersive experience that captures the essence of this captivating Sicilian gem.

Oceanside Accomodation in Taormina

If you're seeking a relaxing vacation, the ideal destination for you would be a hotel situated right by the ocean. In Taormina, where to stay in Taormina becomes crucial. You'll find certain hotels that offer direct access to the beach, featuring either their own private stretch of sand or just a short walk away. There are limited options for beachside accommodations, so be sure to book early. Here are a few of my top hotels.

The Mazzaro Sea Palace

If you're looking for oceanside accommodation in Taormina the Mazzaro Sea Palace is a luxurious 5-star option situated right on Mazzaro Beach.

This beachfront hotel boasts an array of amenities including a wellness centre, fitness centre, and exclusive access to a private beach area. The real highlight is the stunning sea views that every single room enjoys from its own private balcony.

With deluxe accommodations steps from the water's edge, the Mazzaro Sea Palace offers an indulgent seaside escape for those seeking the best of where to stay in Taormina.

Find out more information and check the prices for Mazzaro Sea Palace.

Mazzaro Sea Palace room Taormina

The Villa Sant'Andrea

The Villa Sant'Andrea, this beautiful 5* hotel is in northeast Taormina on the coast and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The venue has its own private beach and is only a 5-minute drive from Taormina centre or the train station.

Many also like to take the cable car into town which is only 3 minutes from the hotel.

Find out more information and check the prices for Villa Sant'Andrea.

Villa Sant Andrea luxury suite with ocean views Taormina

La Place Resort

Slightly down the coast is the La Plage Resort, another 5* hotel on the beach. This sits right next to the Isola Bella and is a popular wedding spot with its own private beach.

If you go there over the weekend in peak times you may see a sunset wedding. Also, they have free parking so very useful to not have to park your car far away.

Find out more information and check the prices for La Plage Resort.

La Plage Resort bedroom with balcony and lounge in Taormina

Accommodation in Taormina Centre

If you want the traditional atmosphere of Taormina, then where to stay in Taormina becomes essential. Staying in the heart of the city centre is the perfect choice. You'll have the convenience of waking up and having breakfast nearby, being just moments away from historic landmarks, and other activities to do. Here are a few excellent hotels located in Taormina Centre:

NH Collection Taormina

The NH Collection Taormina. This hotel is one of only a few 5* hotels in Taormina Centre. Some of the highlights are a rooftop cocktail bar with incredible views, breakfast that overlooks the Greek Theatre and an outdoor swimming pool.

It is also right next to the Palazzo Corvaja a medieval palace in Taormina.

Find out more information and check the prices for NH Collection Taormina.

Presidential Suite at NH Collection Taormina

The Grand Hotel Timeo

1 minute's walk away from the historic Greek Amphitheatre is the Grand Hotel Timeo. If you're wondering where to stay in Taormina, this 5* Belmond Hotel offers panoramic views of Mount Etna and the Greek theatre.

It has a Michelin-starred restaurant Otto Geleng a spa and an outdoor pool. You can also get a free shuttle down to its private beach.

Find out more information and check the prices for the Grand Hotel Timeo.

Grand Hotel Timeo premium bedroom with Ocean view in Taormina

The San Domenico Palace

The San Domenico Palace, a Four Seasons 5* Hotel. This is one of the most incredible hotels in the world, and a short stroll from Taormina Centre.

The hotel features Michelin dining, a clifftop infinity pool, and a fitness centre. This hotel is deep in history and architecture. It is also close to other top things to do in Taormina.

Find out more information and check the prices for San Domenico Palace.

Pool with loungers in San Domenico Palace Taormina

Bed & Breakfasts in Taormina

Bed and breakfasts in Taormina have gained popularity as a budget-friendly choice. While they may not offer the full range of amenities found in hotels, certain B&Bs combine modern comforts with traditional charm. These cosy accommodations are often family-run, serving delightful homemade breakfasts that add to the authentic experience of your Italian vacation. Here are a few highly recommended options:

A' Coffa rooms & Breakfast

The A' Coffa rooms & breakfast. This is your traditional bed and breakfast, and right in the centre of town. Every room has aircon so perfect for summer and has its own private bathroom. Some of the rooms have a balcony overlooking the centre of Taormina. Right downstairs opposite is a great place to go for a Cannoli.

For breakfast, they cook up a Sicilian breakfast, with a hot food buffet and a range of sweet & savoury products. The owner of the B & B is very friendly and speaks english. This is rated as 4* and a very cost-effective way to stay in the city.

Find out more information and check the prices for A' Coffa rooms & breakfast.

City view on a balcony with a Sicilian chair and champagne at BB A'Coffa Taormina

Casa Turchetti

Casa Turchetti. This is another 4-star b&b in the heart of Taormina Town. It belonged to the nuns and during WW2 was used by the Anglo-Americans Army as a military post.

The building has been recently renovated but still has its local architecture and 1800s feel. Its highlight is the food and also the terrace that has views of Mount Etna, the ocean and the Greek Amphitheatre. It has chairs, tables and sun beds.

Find out more information and check the prices for Casa Turchetti.

Rooftop terrace with ocean views at Casa Turchetti Taormina

Casa Arico & Shatulle Suites

If you're looking for where to stay in Taormina, Casa Aricò & Shatulle Suites bed and breakfast is a great option just outside of town down a quiet street.

They have an awesome rooftop terrace and an outdoor tennis courts to play at. As part of the price they also give you access to a nearby pool.

The Rooms are clean and include wifi with either mountain or sea views. The cable car is a few minutes walk away or Corso Umberto and the Greek Theatre. For a small fee they have parking and can organise a shuttle from Catania Airport.

Find out more information and check the prices for Casa Aricò & Shatulle Suites.

Casa Aricò & Shatulle Suites bed and breakfast suite in Taormina with ocean views

Family-Friendly Accommodation in Taormina

When organizing a classic family vacation in Taormina, there are several factors to keep in mind while selecting your accommodation. It's important to consider the proximity to restaurants and beaches, the availability of parking if you intend to do a lot of traveling, and whether the place offers a pool for parents to unwind while the children have fun or vice versa. Here are a few exceptional property options that cater to families, aiding you in deciding where to stay in Taormina for an enjoyable family getaway.

Grand Hotel San Pietro

Grand Hotel San Pietro is a 5 star luxury hotel in Taormina perfect for families. It is restored 1900's villa over looking the ocean. Both its pool and restaurant also face the Mediterranean Sea.

All the rooms are a traditional Sicilian style that boast elegance. They start from classic rooms to family rooms and then to penthouse suites.

There is an onsite spa and a gym plus baby sitting facilities. Grand Hotel San Pietro also also has free valet parking, breakfast and wifi included.

Find out more information and check the prices for Grand Hotel San Pietro.

Grand Hotel san Pietro Luxury hotel in taormina's suite

The Taormina Panoramic Hotel

The Taormina Panoramic Hotel. This 4* hotel has many twin or triple rooms to choose from, has a pool with a poolside bar and has its own parking if traveling around by car.

The hotel also overlooks the Isola Bella or you can walk 20 metres down to the beach. The rooms also have fast wifi and Sky TV. You can also take the cable car to the centre if you want to quickly nip into town for dinner.

Find out more information and check the prices for Taormina Panoramic Hotel.

Balcony with Isola Bella and ocean view from Taormina Panoramic Hotel

Hotel Sirius

Hotel Sirius. This is another beautiful hotel placed just outside the city centre with parking. It features family rooms & connecting rooms with ocean views, aircon, wifi and Sky TV.

Hotel Sirius has its own pool or you can easily get down to the beach with a free shuttle or can walk if you prefer. The buffet breakfast also features a continental breakfast and also Mediterranean style with a variety of pastries.

Find out more information and check the prices for Hotel Sirius.

Bedroom with balcony and ocean view at Hotel Sirius Taormina

If you are looking for more accommodation you can read our blog on the Top Hotels in Taormina.

Tips for booking Accommodation in Taormina

  • Exploring local reviews and recommendations provides valuable insights into the best areas and accommodations where to stay in Taormina, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable visit. I read around 10-20 good and bad ones on each property.
  • Book early to get the best selection. Taormina is a popular tourist destination, so it's recommended to book your accommodation well in advance, preferably at least 6 months before your travel dates. This will give you the best chance of securing a room at your desired property and in your preferred location.
  • Check for parking. If you're planning on renting a car, make sure to check if the property you're staying at provides complimentary or reasonably priced parking facilities either on-site or nearby. This could save you a lot of money, especially if you're staying in a busy area.
  • Consider bed and breakfasts. Bed and breakfasts often offer breakfast as part of their package, which can save you money on food costs. They can also be a great way to experience local culture and meet other travelers at breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best areas to stay in Taormina?

Taormina offers various neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm. Consider staying near the historic centre, like Corso Umberto, for easy access to attractions and stunning views. Down at the Isola Bella or Mazzaro will usually give you beachfront options.

Are there budget-friendly accommodations in Taormina?

Yes, Taormina has budget-friendly options, including guesthouses and smaller hotels such as  A' Coffa rooms & breakfast or Casa Aricò & Shatulle Suites. Explore accommodations slightly away from the main tourist areas for more economical choices.

What advantages does staying in Taormina's Old Town offer?

Staying in Taormina's Old Town allows you to immerse yourself in the town's rich history, with easy access to historical sites, charming cafes, and boutique shops. Popular places are  NH Collection Taormina or the Grand Hotel Timeo.

Are there family-friendly accommodations in Taormina?

Yes, Taormina caters to families with various family-friendly accommodations. Look for hotels with family rooms and amenities suitable for children such as Grand Hotel San Pietro, Taormina Panoramic Hotel and Hotel Sirius.

What transportation options are available near accommodations in Taormina?

Accommodations in Taormina are well-connected to public transportation, including trains, buses, and cable cars. When planning your trip, think about where to stay in Taormina to optimise your access to these transportation options, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Are there luxury accommodations with sea views in Taormina?

Certainly! Taormina boasts luxury hotels with stunning sea views. Look for accommodations along the coastline or on elevated terrains for panoramic vistas. Popular properties are Mazzaro Sea Palace, Villa Sant'Andrea and the San Domenico Palace.

Can I find accommodations with a pool in Taormina?

Yes, many hotels in Taormina offer pools, providing a refreshing retreat such as The San Domenico Palace, Grand Hotel San Pietro, and NH Collection Taormina. This is particularly enjoyable during the warmer months.

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